December 9, 2013 – Week 1

Well I hope that you are adjusting well to me being gone. I’ve been having a blast here!

 December 4th
– So today I met my new companion his name is Elder A. He’s a way cool guy! Me and him are almost like brothers. We like a lot of the same things. Elder A also happens to be a great singer so me and him seem to fit well with each other.  Anyway when we got here they put us right to work with orientation and meeting our groups. It’s really been a lot to take in so there’s not much to write. I can’t believe that I’m here.
December 6th
 – Today was an interesting day, So ill sum it up. We have two districts.  I’m part of the B district. Anyway Sister A in district A thinks I look like Michael Cera who is supposedly a famous actor. Later this evening I was able to give a priesthood blessing to Sister W in my district. It was soo amazing!!! We all really felt the spirit. They are keeping us really busy here. Every hour of our time here has been planned out from 6 in the morning to 10:30 at night. It’s really quite exhausting!
December 7th
– Today was another active day full of studying and spiritualness. It snowed about an inch today so that was neat. Another friend of mine from Bingham is here, Sister S.
December 8th
– Today was a great day. We had a fantastic Sacrament Meeting and priesthood was fun too. We were taught about the Book of Mormon and Hope. Its beginning to feel like a family, Its relative to meeting long-lost siblings that I’ve never had.
Well I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write more about what has happened this past week but I hope that your all doing okay. I still want to hear from friends and neighbors so please make sure to get my email address out. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll be sending an email next Monday.  LOVE YA

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