December 16, 2013

Okay time for the weekly update!

Well this week not much has really happened, other than the typical 7am to 9:30pm gospel study schedule. But I’ll give you just about everything else that happened this week.

1 – I was able to participate in another Priesthood blessing for a Sister that was left behind because she sprained her ankle really bad the day before she was to leave.

2 – The food here was good but did murder to my digestive system.

3 – On Wednesday we had an all day seminar (9 hours) that only stopped for a short lunch break.

4 – I’ve taken a bunch of cool pictures this week and I can’t wait to send them next week.

5 – Last night we were able to listen to the BYU Boys Choir perform for us. We were able to really feel the spirit and it was super uplifting!

6 – This morning we were given the opportunity to help clean the Provo Temple it was way cool!

Anyway I have to finish my laundry and start packing for Tacoma in the morning.

Until Next week everyone!!!!



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