December 23, 2013


My First Week out at the Wa-Tac!!!

Everything has been going great over here so far. I really am looking forward to your email’s every week. They are what keep me going!

We left the MTC for Tacoma at about 4:30am Tuesday morning. We rode in a charter bus all the way from Provo to the SLC Airport. (I cried as we passed the 11400th exit) We got to the airport and loaded up on the plane and headed out. We flew in at about 10am here so the day was still just young. As we got off the plane we were greeted by the mission president and his wife. I could have sworn she took like a hundred photos of us. We had orientation and then we took off with our companions, dropped off our stuff at the apartment and started knocking on doors.

The rest of the week has been crazy. It’s so different here. There are tons of different religions here that the LDS is the Minority, at least it feels that way. There’s also tons of Anti here. (Anti = Anti-LDS protestors). But there are lots of good people here that I can’t even start. I’ve had so much good food from the members but I’m still waiting on Mom’s cookbook so I can make some homemade stuff myself.

I miss you all a lot so PLEAASSEE email me. I want to hear from everybody!

Elder Kody Kitchin

Submarine This is the top of a Submarine at a Naval Base where we are serving.


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