December 30, 2013

Christmas this year was really good. I got a few nice things such as homemade fudge from Lori (ITS SUPER GOOD) and an awesome Mo-Tab music CD from Connie. Mom and Dad sent me hot chocolate and my favorite oatmeal mix. My trainers gave me 4 liters of soda and 2 new green ties.

On Christmas Eve me and Elder H were stopped by a random lady on the side of the street. She then gave us some gifts because her daughter was also on a mission. I nearly cried. Also on Christmas Eve we had dinner over at the ward Bishops house.

Friday the 27th.
Today was a long day. My trainers are beginning to push me to do better and study harder then ever! I learned a little bit more about my trainer Elder M. He spoke to me about a lot of events that have happened in his life. I have a lot more respect for him now then I ever did before.

I love you all! So keep up the emails! I love them!

KodyChristmas2013crop Gifts from home!

bandaid giftcrop A gift from a member that we love. Right now we are trying to get her son to take the discussions and be baptized.


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