January 6, 2014

December 28th –
Today Elder B. and I rode our bikes up to a member appointment up in RP. It was a very long bike ride. We left around 12:30 and we didn’t get home until about 4:45 and we didn’t even teach our investigator. We were upset about not seeing our investigator but it was nice to go out and do something physical. Later this evening me and Elder H. went knocking on doors. We stopped for a lady backing up a truck and she stopped and started talking to us in the middle of the street. She said she was interested because to her we “shined” and had a “glow” about us. I invited her to have us come teach her and she was ecstatic about it and asked if there was a way she could contact us. We also got a bunch of free pizza tonight from Don, a non-member who just happens to like the missionaries and who also happens to own a pizza parlor.

December 30th –
After writing last week’s update we went out and got KFC for dinner which was really good. Then later me and Elder H. went out to do 5 to 7’s which is knocking doors. Me and Elder H. were walking when we saw an older woman on the side walk waiting for the street light to change. Me and Elder H. were in a hurry at the time for an appointment so we waved and kept walking. Well the appointment was just up the street and it fell through but we saw this older woman walk past. So we decided to follow her and catch up with her and street contact her. Somehow she got farther and farther ahead of us and then we saw her turn the corner. When we turned that same corner she was nowhere in view but the spirit prompted us to go to a certain house on the street we had just turned on. So we did. It ended up being a young couple and family who had been going through a hard time because the mother’s Mom had just died about 2 months before. When we asked more about her, the description of her was nearly the same as the older woman that we were following up the street. We are now teaching the family the discussions and they are highly interested.

Anyway that’s the update for this week guys, continue the emails, I love em! And I hope everything is going well at home.

-Elder Kody Kitchin


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