January 13, 2014

Not a lot has really changed or happened in a while. But I’ll catch up on what little has happened.

January 6th – This last Monday for the Zone P-Day activity we went bowling which was fun, then afterward we went and knocked doors. After that we had to take a drive out of the zone to the UPS Area Headquarters where all the UPS trucks get their packages to deliver. I had missed a package previously at the door that I had to sign for. That was about an hour round trip.

January 8th – Okay, so today was the first time that I’ve been Soaked to the bone due to the rain! Note: it’s happened one more time since then. I’m beginning to think I might need a better rain coat haha. We had to go home, dry off, put on dry cloths and then go out again to go do 5 to 7’s (Door Knocking). By the time that all happened the rain had let up for the night. After 5 to 7’s we had to go on splits with the Elders Quorum, to help them catch up on their home teaching. It’s really bad in our ward. Some of the members have home teaching lists that have up to 60 names! I can’t believe I complained about home teaching when I had only 2! So we helped them out with that.

January 9th – I’ve been slowly getting better at Teaching the Lessons, though apparently for my trainers it’s not fast enough. They are getting frustrated with me and so is my companion. But I’m trudging along slowly but surely. I’m hoping that this next week will be a better one. I can’t believe I’ve already been out here going on 5 weeks. It’s gone by way too fast for me. This next week is going to be hard considering that all our “on date” to be baptized investigators have all fallen “off date” but we are still trudging along praying for a miracle. Our goal is to have at least 4 baptisms by the end of the month.

Anyway I miss you all and I hope you’re all doing okay.
-Elder Kody Kitchin


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