January 21, 2014

Kodya01212014crop19th Birthday Official Photo

Before I begin I want to thank you all for the Happy Birthday Emails! And for the letters that I received in the mail. I also want to thank Mom for sending me a birthday package. I can’t tell you how much I love my CTR ring and new Watch as well as the Chocolate covered pomegranate. Also the pedometer from Connie and the wonderful gift cards from Grandma Kitchin and Aunt Geniel.

Okay so this last week was a wild one. The lessons are getting easier and I’m getting better at them. We have been trying to find new investigators and to teach the ones we already have. Me and Elder H. are continuing to work out our differences but we are getting along better and better each day. The longer I stay here the more I continue to fall in Love with the area and the people in it. Other than that not much has really happened since last week except I can’t wait to find out how many steps dad has taken this last week (we are having a contest). My current count is 20,632 and I received the pedometer halfway throughout the week. Anyway, I am including a birthday photo for you all to see. Oh and because the Seattle Sea Hawks are so big around here there’s a bonus photo for you all to see! (They are in line for a big game as the Sea Hawks advance to the super bowl.)GoHawks


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