February 3, 2014

statue02032014Okay, this week has been a long one. Mostly because it’s the week that I finally got it. It took long enough. It’s been learning to love everyone like they’re family. Out here we have to live what we preach. And the hardest part for me has been loving those around me like family. This has also been the week before transfers. Which means eating the rest of the food in the apartment and packing. At this point I think all I have left is some frozen mini Pizza’s. (haha)

The Lord decided to wait until the end before rewarding us. Friday afternoon me and Elder H. were finally able to get an investigator on date to be baptized. Saturday we all got our transfer calls and Elder H. got his Visa. We took him to the Mission office this morning. He’s flying out Monday morning to Brazil. Elder B. will be staying in B. City and I’m going to be going to L. City. I’m going to be serving in another quad companionship and having my follow-up training there. My companion is going to be Elder L. who is from Poland! I’m really going to miss B. City and all the people here. They’re all like friends and family to me! It feels like an ending to a good story but I know that it’s the beginning of an even greater one. It took me 7 weeks to be ready for a mission. I wish I could have put more time and effort into learning before I came out here. I’m Leaving B. City tomorrow.

This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my life. But it’s not about me. It never was about me even if when I left I thought it was. It’s about everyone that’s out here. Because they are the lost sheep. They are the fruit of the vineyard. I am only the lord’s servant.
Until next week,
Elder Kody Kitchin


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