February 18, 2014

toystoryswanscropI am sending a photo of something that we saw on a guy’s bumper when we were walking around the apartment complex and also a photo of two swans that we saw sleeping in the court yard of a nearby apartment that we were tracting at the time.

Monday January10th We basically did our normal p-day stuff but we were able to see three bombers fly overhead. They were really close. Where we live now, there is not an airbase near us.

On Tuesday it was really nice and sunny for us, yay! Most of our appointments fell through. But we had one that didn’t and it was with a young couple. Their names are H and L. Basically the lesson was freaking awesome because I was able to get through to H, and he was able to feel the spirit really strong. I talked to him about how he will be able to see his friends again back in Heaven and it really touched him. Later that night me and Elder O gave 4 priesthood blessings to a family in the ward, which was really cool and spiritual.

On Wednesday we had a District meeting. We talked about prayer and how we can teach our investigators more about it and how its important in the progression of the investigators. Later in the evening Elder B and I went tracting and we met a nice Catholic guy that refused to let us leave without giving us something to stay dry in. (though we were already wearing our coats….) Anyway long story short, we both came home with bright florescent yellow coats that we technically can’t wear.

That’s all the really major stuff that happened this week; we are just trudging along pushing forward the work and loving it. Until next week!
Elder Kody Kitchin


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