March 10, 2014

March Sunrise

March Sunrise

Monday 3rd – Today was the usual P-day. We went to the store after emailing. This time I was able to stay in budget with my groceries so that was really exciting. Afterward we all went and got haircuts. Sorry for not having a photo. Needless to say this one was done by a member and not a missionary so I actually enjoyed it this time and I don’t look like I belong in the military.

Tuesday 4th – Today was a new experience for me as I went on my first Exchange ever, which simply explained is the missionary version of a sleep over for 24 hours. haha. I went with Elder G around 10:00 this morning. It was in a bike area so I had an opportunity to ride my bike. (YAY) We got picked up by the Bishop’s Wife and her son and she made us homemade Calzones. (yum) We enjoyed that a lot. Afterward we went tracting on her street to see if we could find any new investigators. We found a couple of people so that was cool. After that we got a ride back home and then we set off on our bikes. We went to a couple of appointments and then we had to go do five to sevens, which is tracting from 5pm to 7pm every night. We found a golden family and a golden investigator. Golden meaning they have been prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel. She was having a lot of problems in her life and she had been praying to God to send her someone to help her so that was cool!

Wednesday 5th – Today I returned from my exchange with Elder G. We then went out to lunch at Subway. A member was there and she paid for Elder B’s lunch and mine which was really nice of her. We then went to district meeting where Elder L and I had to teach the training which was on how we can get our investigators to church through members. I ended up talking about how we need to find members that would be able to relate to our investigators and having them befriend our investigators to better motivate them to go to church. After that we went about our day as normal and then we had 5 to 7’s and then we went and saw some more appointments. Me and Elder L went on splits with a member to help better Fellowship/Friendship our investigators which was fun.

Thursday 6th – Today was weekly planning so the morning was slow. But only after we went and saw some of our investigators, which was cool. 5-7’s, more appointments, normal day..

Friday 7th – Well today the ZL’s (Zone Leaders / My Trainers) went to MLC (Missionary Leadership Training) so me and Elder L had to walk to all our appointments today. Elder L’s bike is still “somewhere” in the Bremerton Zone being used by another missionary. So we walked to our lunch appointment with a member and had hamburgers which were really good. Then we spent the majority of the day walking around and street contacting. After that the day went as usual.

Saturday 8th – Today was crazy!!! We had three baptisms today. So we spent the majority of the early afternoon going to and inviting our investigators to the baptisms though none of them ever came. I had to speak in two of them and bear my testimony of the restoration and take up time while baptismal-ees got dressed. (#longesttestimonyofmylife) Afterward we went to 5-7’s and found 3 really promising people.

Sunday 9th – As everybody knows I love kids. And so I have a tendency to be nice to them. The kids of my ward love my guts. They even ask me to go to primary. After church we had a Fireside which was an hour drive from our apartment. I got to sing in one of the special singing groups. We had a couple missionaries mention that they thought that it was the best song yet. I doubt it was my musical singing skill or anything, but whatever.

Anyway that’s it for the weekly update, I hope that you all have a great week and I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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