March 17, 2014

Wearing a new Easter tie in mom's favorite color

Wearing a new Easter tie in mom’s favorite color

Tuesday 11th – Today was a fun day.  Me and Elder L spent all day on our bikes, knocking on doors, and street contacting which was really fun.  We were on bikes all day because Elders B and O were on splits with the AP’s J and S.  For 5 to 7’s we went Zebra tracting with the Spanish missionaries.  We were able to find some investigators that we hope are promising.

Wednesday 12th – Today we had zone meeting which was good.  We learned about how we can do better when we focus on what we can affect rather then what others can affect.  President W was also attending it as well today.   He talked about a lot of stuff.  He also hinted that me and Elder L would be getting transferred this week.

Thursday 13th – This morning we took a long time getting out because of weekly planning.  Usually we leave by 10:15am at the latest but because of weekly planning, we left at like 1:30pm. We saw S today and they are doing good.  We saw a few more people as well and they are doing good too. We had dinner tonight with the T’s who are a Samoan family.  We had some really good BBQ.

Friday 14th – Today has been a great day! This past week I’d been suffering from a decent head cold, and this morning was the first time that I’ve felt better in a while.  I had tons of energy.  We went tracting this morning but had no success.  Afterward we ate lunch and then picked up a package from the front office.   It turned out to be an early Easter present from my mom!  It was filled with colorful ties that I asked for. Thanks mom!  Anyway the day went by as normal.

Saturday 15th – More typical missionary stuff today.  The most exciting thing that happened was we jump started a members car and got rides from another member in their tow-truck because they were around and wanted to.

Sunday 16th – Today was an exciting day! S and her family finally came to church so that was a big step in her progression.  Though I’m kind of sad because I’m going to be leaving L City and heading to another area.  Other than that today was great!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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