April 7, 2014

balloonsHey how are you all doing?
I’ve been doing good! So much so I think I’ll tell you a little about it! 🙂
On Monday the majority of our P-Day was used doing emergency service projects. We spent a couple of hours helping Brother P with moving out of his home because his landlord sold the house behind his back. On the up side we got a free lunch out of it. (haha) I was able to work on my “homemade” Thank you cards. After we helped out with moving we were driving past the church and saw our Ward Mission Leader out mowing the church’s lawn. I ended up mowing the entire lawn in my church clothing because the company that was supposed to take care of it wasn’t. We then had Family Home Evening with the J’s (the family we live with) and I taught them how to play Farkle.
On Tuesday my companion and I spent most of the morning searching for his flash drive he lost while working on the church grounds. The majority of the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. Most of the day was spent tracting. We had dinner with the ward missionary leader and his family. He has two fantastic children. The H children had their baptismal interviews tonight as well. They passed so that means that we have taught them well.
Wednesday was spent planning and purchasing materials to celebrate the birthday of Sister G who is one of the senior missionaries for our district. She and her husband are great people and fantastic friends of ours and they do a bunch for us so we decided to throw them a surprise party. All of the missionaries in the district were in on it. We had the sisters blow up about half the balloons and make rice crispy treats. My companion and I ended up blowing up the other half of the balloons.
I also got a wonderful gift today from my loving mother! Out here in the mission all missionaries are asked to own a gps and for good reason. The roads out here really don’t have any sort of layout. So my wonderful, loving, kind, hardworking mother was able to get one for me! So now I can find my way around!
Thursday was the big day of the Sister G’s surprise party. We were able to have it without a problem, and we ended up filling Brother and Sister G’s home with a little under 400 balloons. The G’s loved it! And we were able to have a fantastic day!
Nothing much else happened this week except for General Conference. I’ll share a few things that touched me this weekend.
1. From Sister Jean A. Stevens talk “We are not alone, you are not forgotten”.
2. From Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk “We all will need to defend our faith at some point in our lives”.
3. From President Thomas S. Monson “Every day of our lives, we are given and shown opportunities to love”.
I hope that you all have a great week!
Until next time!
Elder Kody Kitchin


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