April 14, 2014

The mission hasn't stopped Kody's creative mind!

The mission hasn’t stopped Kody’s creative mind!

Hey! I hope that everyone has been doing well! Here’s the big update for the week!

Monday 7th – For today’s Zone activity we played Volley Ball and talked. I ended up buying everybody pizza because Domino’s was having an insane deal on pizza. I was invited to sing in a musical for transfer meeting and I was reunited with an old friend from EFY! I’ve also become “Mr. Computer Fix It” guy for our senior couple, the G’s. Things have been going well for us.

Tuesday 8th – Today was an exciting day for us! We had two baptisms today from the H family. We baptized their two youngest boys! But the majority of the day was taken up as we had to spend about 4 hours at the church filling the font. But it was worth it and we had a great time!

Wednesday 9th – Today we had Zone Conference, which we enjoyed. I ended up buying more Pizza again today though this time a member offered to pay for it which we graciously accepted. We were able to also practice our musical number for the transfer meeting which is coming up on the 29th of the month. We had an exciting development this evening as we were tracting. We found a young mother who is interested in the gospel! Her name is K and she’s a really nice woman. She emigrated from Russia and speaks English really well. We are really excited to teach her!

Thursday 10th – We had our last interviews with President W before he goes home. (sad) We talked for a bit and he told me that I have great potential out here and that I just need to be myself. He gave me some advice about how I need to remember to relax and continue to have faith in the Lord. Today we also had an exchange. I ended up staying in my area while my companion Elder M switched with the area’s district leader Elder A. Today was also the first time I’ve driven a car out on the mission because Elder M is the designated driver. When the designated driver leaves, the companion (if he has a blue card) is then allowed to drive. I ended up driving 80 miles today, which was way over our daily limit of about 32 Miles. So I’m going to have to learn how to plan my driving better. (haha)

Friday 11th – Today we ended our exchange. Elder M was livid when he found out how many miles I drove yesterday. The rest of the day was really downhill from there. Though we were invited to a member’s birthday party so that was fun.

Saturday 12th – Today was hugely characterized by service. We decided to go and help a woman that we ran into tracting a while ago with her yard work. She is in her 60’s and had started on her yard about a year ago but never really ever finished it. So we went over to help her out. She didn’t even know we were coming and in fact didn’t expect to ever see us again! She was delighted so have two strapping young men come and work on her yard. We ended up only working for about 3 and a half hours just spreading bark but we plan on coming back on Tuesday and working all day until dinner time. I believe that we have made this woman into a true friend and I hope that the lord will reward us by softening her heart enough to hear our message.

Sunday 13th – Today was a typical Sunday. We had a good church meeting. Later this evening we were able to finally get a real lesson in with the D family. We had been meeting them over and over but were never able to really have a good lesson with them. So that has been the really good part of our day!

Well I hope that you’re all doing really good this week and I can’t wait to get emails from you all!

Until next week!
Elder Kody Kitchin


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