May 12, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Kody's First Baptism in the Dungeness River
Kody’s First Baptism in the Dungeness River

Editors Note:
Kody didn’t write anything for his blog this week. He was all tuckered out from talking to his mother on Mother’s Day I guess. He did, however, send a photo of his first baptism. This is the fellow he wrote about on April 21 and he looks so happy to be baptised! Kody wrote “We also got a GOLDEN investigator this week. His name is C and he’s like perfect. He’s super in touch with what he feels and he’s tried as hard as he can to bring his life into line with the Savior’s. He says his “journey” has led him to us, so that he can continue to learn the truth about Jesus. He has told us that he feels everything that he has read in the Book of Mormon is true and that it makes sense to him. We also put him on date for baptism two weeks from this Saturday.”
Kody is also taking lots of pictures of the beautiful area he is in. He says he really misses his nice camera because there is so much beauty he would like to capture. I am amazed at the quality of the photo’s his little camera is taking. He says he broke it once when he dropped it. But then a stroke of inspiration hit him and so he dropped it on the opposite side which fixed it!


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