May 19, 2014

This week has been one of the worst weeks we have had in the area, but I’ll give you as much interesting stuff as I can.

Currently we are teaching 3 sets of youth, all of which have unprioritized, unmotivated, and unsupportive parents who have all flaked out on us this entire week. So all of this week’s adventures were from tracting. By the way, we got the new apartment approved that we found tracting so we will be moving in there at the end of the month!

Anyway this week we met some interesting people. My favorite was a man named G who looked about Roberts age. He works for Microsoft as a Software Engineer for Microsoft. He is a really neat guy who’s also vehement about his beliefs. Next up is J. While we went to go visit him (he’s kind of an investigator but not really) he was complaining about computer issues. So I graciously mentioned that I’m really quite adapt at computers and if he were to allow me a chance to take a look at it I might be able to fix his issues. It’s safe to say that we were able to have a 2 hour, mostly on topic, religious discussion with him while I quickly evaluated that I had gotten in over my head as I tried to fix a dial-up internet connection. By some miracle I was able to fix it and make J very happy.

That’s the most exciting bits of this week. Hopefully this upcoming week is much better and I’ll have some actual stories to tell!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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