June 9, 2014

branch04142014Well this week marks 6 months being out on a mission. So that goes to show that time really does go fast, even out here.
Monday – Today was a really busy day. Combined with the stress of moving to a new apartment, we also had a lot to do. I wasn’t able to have my usual opportunity to rest and unwind a little as I usually do. I was able to get my flash drive back with all my music on it so I’m really happy about that. I also got a haircut today as well. Now that we have a full kitchen I can start making myself some real food (yay!)
Tuesday – Today was alright. We went to go see a less active member in the morning but it turned out that she finally moved out of the ward. Afterward we went tracting throughout the area until about dinner time. I was able to take a couple of cool pictures and we had a funny moment as well. While we were out tracting we went up to this house. As we were going up to the house, four geese came out from behind a parked car in the driveway and proceeded to squawk and hiss at us until they had backed us out of the house’s yard and driveway. That was pretty funny.
Wednesday – Today was awesome. Even though I started off groggy it got better. We did our usual thing trying to see people and tracting. We had dinner with the J family. After dinner sister J handed me my flash drive. She said that she found it wrapped up in a floor matt. Wow. Anyway, it was my missing flash drive with all my photos on it. I was super happy that it was found. After that we were able to start teaching a prospect family that we have been bugging for months. We gave out 5 Book of Mormon’s and got the kids to go to mutual. They had a blast as well as us.
Thursday – Today was a great day filled with work and service, as well as weekly planning. We were able to get a lot of the stuff set up in the new apartment like our Omni-Board, maps, ect. Afterward we were asked to go help a member build a small filing cabinet, and then we went and helped Brother J move some of his furniture. We were also able to see the M’s which were cool. We were able to get them Interested in taking the missionary discussions again.
Friday – Today was good. Most of the day was spent helping the G family work on their home and yard. We moved a lot of food storage and put up insulation and drywall. After that we went to Los Ramones for dinner, which was, strangely enough, the place that I was able to first meet the G family. The rest of the night was filled with tracting and seeing potentials.
Saturday – We got our transfer calls today. I’ve been called to the Shelton 2nd ward, in the Elma Stake. I’m not really going to talk much about Elma but I would consider doing some research on it. It has an Interesting past. I’ll be serving with Elder T on our Bikes. I’ve Loved the Sequim area and Community so much! I’m sure that this is going to be the first place I’ll go on my mission tour. The people here have become family to me.
Sunday – Today was a fun but sad day. It was announced in sacrament meeting that I was going to be leaving. After church more than half the ward came up to me and told me that they were going to miss me and that they wished I could stay and that if I didn’t come back to visit them bad things were going to happen to me. haha. Most of the day was spent saying goodbye to members. We went over to the G’s House for dinner. We had rabbit which was really Good. We also helped them out for the rest of the evening.
Until next week
Elder Kody Kitchin


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