June 16, 2014

Tuesday – Today I arrived in Shelton. The apartment is nice. My new companion is Elder T. He’s cool. Transfer meeting was good as well. Shelton has the feel Magna, Utah but maybe a little nicer.

Wednesday – Today we had meetings. I got to meet the district missionaries and they are all pretty cool. The church building here is big but old. Everything still runs on keys, not scan cards. We went around today to meet the current investigators (which at this point aren’t many). We had a miracle today. We found an investigator that had supposedly been missing for the past few weeks. She was previously on date to be baptized but then disappeared. We found out that she wants to still be baptized this next week so we are excited about that.

Thursday – I went through the area book this morning and found out that a lot of people who were progressing far into the lessons were suddenly dropped without adequate information as to why. So I plan on addressing that tomorrow. We had a service project this morning with a PMF that loves the missionaries. We did some weeding and yard work. After that we had lunch with a member. I also ended up fixing their internet (go figure). After that we went back home to let Elder T nap a little since he has come down with a cold. Also the norm for tracting here is Zebra Tracting because there is such a large amount of native Spanish speaking population living here. (Zebra Tracting is when the Spanish elders and the English elders go on a temporary split with each other so it would be one English elder with one Spanish elder).

Friday – Weekly planning was today. It was probably one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. We plan to go see a lot of former investigators this week and hopefully some of them will want to continue being taught. The bus system here is nice because riding the busses is free. Our area is about 25 miles across at its longest point. Since we don’t have a car we mostly stay in the city area.

Saturday – This morning we had another service project. We were helping the A family move. The project went until about 2pm. Afterward we went and saw P and a couple other people.

Sunday – The church here is at 9:00am. (I can’t escape!) It was also Father’s Day (yay dad!) P didn’t show up to church today so that means that we have to cancel the baptism this next Saturday. We ate at graduation barbecues for lunch and dinner. Those were really good! I am sick with the cold Elder T has. I’m going to be buying medicine tomorrow.

Well, I hope all has gone well with you all this week.
Elder Kody Kitchin


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