June 30, 2014

Diesel Locomotive

Diesel Locomotive

Monday – Today I was able to practice on the piano for about an hour. That was fun. Normal P-day stuff, nothing too interesting happened…

Tuesday – We had service projects all morning. Today we continued cutting wood for an elderly woman in the ward. We got a call from a member asking us to go see another elderly woman who was in the hospital recovering from pneumonia. She is a less active member. We visited some recent converts too. That went really well. Also one of my closest friends, Kyle Rheese went into the MTC today!

Wednesday – Today was the last full day that President and Mrs. Weaver were in the mission. We had a miniature zone conference so that the Weavers could give their farewell talks. Afterwards I went on an exchange with the zone leaders who serve in the Elma 2nd ward. I was able to video record a Diesel Locomotive start-up, warm up, and start moving from about 10 feet away. It was way cool! I’ll have to find a way to edit it and send it in an email for dad and Lance. 

Thursday – The new mission president is President Blatter. I returned from exchanges this morning. We pretty much had a normal day. The lord has been strengthening me on the bike. I was able to ride up the large hills today without stopping to breathe so I’m excited.

Friday – Today we helped move the Homeless Shelter to its new building. We moved a lot of furniture and office equipment. We were fed an awesome lunch by the manager. Afterward we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening street contacting.

Saturday – We helped one of our investigators move today. They moved into another ward. We had rain on and off the entire morning. Then we helped a member with family history and scheduling and printing cards so their daughters can do baptisms for the dead in the temple. After dinner we spent the rest of the evening tracting.

Sunday – Today was super busy. I had to give a 10 minute talk in sacrament meeting today. I spent all week preparing it and I found out Saturday night that the talk I had prepared was off subject so this morning in sacrament meeting I had to “Holy-Ghost” It. All I can say is that faith is awesome and everybody liked my talk haha. Since it was the fifth Sunday we were also asked to give a presentation on missionary work during the combined relief society and high priests and elders quorum meeting. We also had to wing that one because we were told last minute. Sunday night we went over to a member’s home to meet a blind friend of theirs who has been investigating the church for a while. She is Buddhist but that’s because she doesn’t want to offend her family, but she’s practically a Mormon.

Well then I told you all I would give a better report this week 😀
I love you all.
Elder Kody Kitchin


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