July 14, 2014

06302014LakeMonday – Today was good. I heard that by the end of this year my mission should all be using iPad mini’s so that’s a really exciting development for us. Today was a typical P-day for me. Nothing too exciting happened.

Tuesday – Today I wrecked my bike. I was trying to stop on the bike going down a steep hill. As I was breaking, the back tire locked and I started skidding. As I was skidding, I hit some gravel that was on the street and the back tire lost complete connection with the ground. I fell on my side and slid the rest of the way down the hill. I put my hand out to stop me from sliding and it drug across the pavement, but I didn’t feel any pain. When I looked at my hand, I realized that it should have had the skin rubbed off but there wasn’t a mark on my hand at all. My pants got a hole on the right leg and I got a small bruise just below the right kneecap. Other than the bruise I’m okay and it’s mostly healed. I totally bent the back tire and now I need to send it to the bike shop over in Olympia to get it fixed. I had a fun time walking around the rest of the day. We had a couple of good lessons with our investigators. Things are moving along fine.

Wednesday – This morning we went to see one of our investigators that just returned from a vacation. We are excited to start teaching her again. That’s really the big event for the day.

Thursday – Today we were able to have a great lesson with a couple of our investigators, a mom and daughter. We are super excited. The mom mentioned the interest to be baptized. The rest of the day was as normal.

Friday – Today we painted a less-active members back porch for about 4 hours. We also had a lesson with another investigator at the church. We taught him about the plan of salvation. It was a good lesson that we really enjoyed.

Saturday – Today we chopped wood. We also gave a blessing to less active member’s wife. Tonight we had an awesome lesson with D and her daughter F. It was a really spiritual lesson.

Sunday – Nothing really out of the ordinary today; just lots of work and heat.

Elder Kody Kitchin


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