July 28, 2014

07142014lakeMonday – We went to Aberdeen for zone lunch today. We ate at a Pizza Hut Restaurant. They had a $5 Pizza Buffet deal that we all really liked. We also went to Ross to see if they had anything nice in my size but all I ended up buying was a new tie. After that we went and played basketball as a zone.

Tuesday – Today was cool and cloudy. We had crapes over at a member’s home for lunch today. Those were really good. We went and saw a few of our investigators and tried to go follow up on some of our potential investigators. Today my trainer Elder Muir finished his mission and leaves for home tomorrow morning. Because neither Elder Torres nor I got transferred this time we were not able to attend transfer meeting so I wasn’t able to hear his farewell talk.

Wednesday – We had a district meeting in Elma today. I also heard from the bike shop today that they have my bike rim in and that I can have my bike tire picked up by Friday.

Thursday – Happy Pioneer Day! We had weekly planning today. We also had lunch with a member today, and we had dinner with a member as well. We were able to find a recent convert who had moved away and then moved back again. So it was fun to meet her and her kids. We also got dropped by one of our most progressing investigators today. Her kids went to a bible camp run by one of the Baptist churches in the area so they all decided to get baptized there and then.

Friday – Today we got a ride to the bike shop in Olympia and picked up my bike tire. So now my bike is fixed! We also went and saw one of our recent converts in the city. We had Taco Bell for dinner. And then we went tracting with the Spanish speaking Elders.

Saturday – Today was good. We went and cut wood this morning. We then came home and Elder Torres sold his bike to another missionary who needed one. Elder Torres is going home at the end of the transfer and won’t need it. Afterwards we went to lunch at a little burger shop called The Ritz. There also happened to be a car show across the street so we went and looked at that. Then we visited some less active members and then we went to the Pioneer Day Celebration that the ward was putting on at a local park. After that we went tracting.

Sunday – Today was good. We had to teach the Gospel Principles class today at church. Sacrament meeting was full today as well. There was a barbecue that contributed to allot of members coming to church today so we were really happy about that. We met a couple that was interested in our church and we are hoping they will continue to be interested.

Until next week!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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