August 11, 2014

06302014SkyTuesday – Today we had zone conference and I finally got my bike tire and rim back after having the bike shop tighten the spokes on it. They did it for free so that was really cool. Nothing much other than that.

Wednesday – Today was good, especially because we were able to ride our bikes around again. It makes it so much easier to travel around. We were talking to a potential investigator today. She asked us to show her where in the bible it says that we must be baptized to go to heaven, so we showed her John 3:5. And after making it obvious to her she then told us that she doesn’t believe that we must be baptized to get to heaven. She then proceeded to tell us that all she needed to do was believe in Jesus and she would be saved. I laughed inside. It’s amazing how people make up whatever they want, for religion, and this isn’t the first time that this exact scenario has happened to us either. It’s crazy that all these “Certified, religious scholars” tell people whatever they want to hear just to make money. And then a lot of people are like “I believe in the Bible” when they have never read it, and the only thing they believe in is whatever their Pastor has told them. Anyway we helped out a few investigators today and we were also volunteered to move a cheer gym. That was interesting.

Thursday – Today we went and helped a less-active member power clean his rugs and sweep out his garage. We then went and picked wild blackberries to make jelly with. We the contacted until dinner. It was mostly a normal day.

Friday – We spent from about 2 to 7 o’clock today at a fair booth in Elma talking about family history. After we got home we had a recent convert family invite us over to teach a friend of theirs that just recently moved in with them. It ended up being a great spiritual lesson.

Saturday – Spent all morning chopping wood then we went to go see some recent converts in the afternoon. Then we did some tracting, all normal stuff. We then had another lesson with the one family’s friend.

Sunday – We had a good day at church. The person we taught last night came to church today so we were really excited. Then later today we found out that she had decided to pursue Buddhism so we were disappointed about that. We also went to see some of our potential investigators that live further out so we biked about 7 miles to go see some of them. We then got a member to give us a ride back home.

Just as a funny side note; I’m absolutely sick of cake. This week we have been given 3 cakes and have eaten most of them plus 2 other kinds of cake at member’s houses.

Sick of Cake

Sick of Cake

Anyway, love y’all
Elder Kody Kitchin


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