August 25, 2014

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

It’s sufficient to say that this week has been long and unproductive. We couldn’t even turn in a weekly report with any investigators on it, only less actives because we have no investigators.

That is until Sunday night! We have a recent convert who brought a friend to sacrament meeting and now that friend is interested in learning more! So we are super excited to see what happens!

My wrist is healing so that is good. The entire ward also teases me about it as well. I guess it means I’m loved here, haha.

I also helped cut down a few trees for a member this Saturday with the ward that was fun. I’m healed enough to use a chainsaw. It doesn’t surprise me that’s the kind of service that’s asked of up here. I can feel autumn coming soon. Things are finally beginning to cool down here as well, which means that the rains are going to fall and the floods are going to come.

I hope all your week is good
Elder Kody Kitchin


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