September 15, 2014

This week has been really good. There have been a few things going on here in Shelton.
Monday was probably one of the best P-Day’s that I’ve personally had in a while.
We spent the majority of the day at the Olympia Mall. I laugh at the thought but it really feels like waiting to go to the mall must have been inspired. I got a couple new everything for about $80. With the combination of the awesomeness of Ross and JC Penny having sales I got everything that I came for. Then later we were invited to a FHE (family home evening) and got a spiritual high for the night.

My Thursday evening was made with a wonderful tracting experience. While out tracting we knocked on the door of Mrs. Sherrie’s daughter. (I don’t know the exact spelling but the Phonetics are correct) She was visiting from Winnemucca, Nevada. As we got started talking we found out that she knows my Dad (Kevin) which I thought was really cool. We spoke to her about the gospel and gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and ponder about it.

Sunday was really crazy. At least for me it felt that way. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting. Elder Thompson and I were able to prepare and bless the sacrament for the ward. A few weeks ago we had a new family move into the ward who are way awesome. They are the “perfect Mormon family” with 5 kids. Within the first week of moving in they have already started inviting their neighbors to church. As with most move in’s, the couples are asked to give talks introducing themselves to the ward. I have grown very fond of this family so I promptly volunteered to watch their 5 kids, the oldest being age 11, while they spoke. Everyone knows how impulsive I am. I did survive sacrament meeting. All but 2 of the kids were good. Members sitting near us soon realized the difficulty the missionaries were having dealing with the children and were kind enough, towards the end, to help with the loud ones. We, meaning I because I was closest to the children, gave the ward a good laugh.

That’s really all that has happened for the week
I love you all,
Elder Kody Kitchin


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