September 22, 2014

Lake Pano

Lake Pano

Hey everybody!
Things here in the blessed land of Shelton are looking up! This week has been a good one. We have had a lot of good experiences, along with several new people for us to teach.

Monday night we had an awesome FHE with the Anderson family and friends. We were able to meet a couple of people whom we were able to speak to and with time can see them becoming potential investigators. As a side note, this week my photo comes from the lake where we had our FHE.

Thursday night we had another tracting miracle. We met a family of three, a mother and a daughter and a son, who have recently moved into the area. It turns out that the mom used to go to an LDS church as a child with friends. I think it stopped because her parents are Baptist. As we spoke with her she expressed interest in maybe coming to church again.

Sunday we received yet another miracle. We had an investigator come back to church. We have never met her before. She is 18 years old and had investigated the church when she was younger, but stopped because of her mother’s wishes. But now that she is 18 she has moved into her uncle and aunt’s home for schooling and because her mother is moving out of town. From what we have heard she is interested in receiving or finishing the lessons. So we plan on seeing her this week.

I love you all,
Elder Kody Kitchin


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