December 1, 2014


Hey guys! I hope that your week has been good, mine sure has been crazy.

So I got moved to the Manchester ward in Port Orchard which is part of the Bremerton Stake. We have a car, and I’m the designated driver until my companion gets his license back.

So far it’s been a struggle to learn the area but it’s only been a week so I’m not too worried about it yet. The area has lots of potential and I’m excited to work here. Because it’s the Christmas season everyone is a little more cheerful. I got to see the first snow for the year, though it was just a dusting so I’m not too worried.

The apartment that we are living in is pretty good. We have an awesome view of Seattle from here. I can see the space needle. There are a few odds and ends that I’ll gladly fix like a lot of burnt out light bulbs. We also have a fireplace that if we get permission we can use, which I’m excited about.

My new companion Elder Wilson is way awesome. We work together really well. He loves to sing and have fun and he’s a hard worker when it comes to missionary work. And he’s definitely a great friend.

Elder Kody Kitchin


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