January 19, 2015


Hello everyone! My Birthday this past week was awesome! I’m now officially 20 years old.

Things here in Manchester have been pretty good! Thursday this last week was our “Park” day, also known as “Car Appreciation Day” in which we park our cars and walk. Every day previous was nice and sunny but on “Park” day we had a full normal Washington winter day of rain. How the Lord has a sense of humor… By the end of the day we were fully soaked, but we had a blast.

M is continuing to progress and gain gospel knowledge. Next week he will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood so we are really rooting for him! Our investigators are also continuing to slowly progress. We really haven’t had any new ones lately but we are still working to find more. G is continuing to read and pray. She shows sincere interest but there are still other priorities that take precedence.  T is still working to get over her “Great Apostasy” issue. She knows that our message is true, but she still feels like she’s abandoning her religion and everything she has been raised with.

Reading:  This week I read from 1 Nephi 10 to 1 Nephi 21.

Still it’s been the continuing theme of recognizing the spirit.  I’m going to pull from 1 Nephi 16 to start out with. In verse 16 we learn of the analogy of how the guidance of the Liahona coincides with how the Holy Ghost speaks to us. The Holy Ghost (once we have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost) speaks to us according to our faith. But we must also exercise diligence in seeking for revelation. Another thing that I have learned is that we must learn to follow the promptings that we receive. Especially because we not only can learn more but because the Holy Ghost will tell us more and more, as we show that we are reliable to what we have already been told.  That’s just a bit to chew on for now.

I hope you all have a great week!

With love,

Elder Kody Kitchin


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