January 26, 2015


Hey everybody I hope that your week has been good! Mine sure has been!

We had a hard time talking to our investigators this week (in fact all of them fell through) so most of our week was spent going through old potential lists. I am determined to rewrite them when the new potential sheets arrive at the apartment. Other than that things here have been really good. We had a missionary fireside up in Silverdale. Me and a few other missionaries sang so that was a fun experience for us.

For my reading this week I made it to 2 Nephi 10. My Tidbit for the week comes from 2 Nephi 2:13. It is very evident to me how much a modern apostasy is sweeping the world at this moment and how it’s affecting our society and everything around us. People these days tend to disregard religion because they feel the statutes and ethics that are taught bind them down and tie them up. So most people will decide to be an atheist to help them ether cope with a traumatic event or to be “free” from something that doesn’t exist.

This it for this week. I hope everything is great for you guys!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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