February 23, 2015


Hey everybody! This week has been a great one!

Though it’s been a struggle, I’ve been blessed with one of the best areas that I’ve ever been too!  This is a great area. There are great people here. Our entire district is Sisters! We are the only Elders here. My companion is the district leader. The Previous missionaries that were here were not as proactive as we had hoped them to be. When we arrived they hadn’t updated the area book in over a month so we literally had nobody to work with. On the bright side we also have Sister Missionaries serving in our ward so they were able to help us out and give us a place to start. Other than that things have gone great. The district loves us, the ward is okay with us, and the area has huge potential!

For my scripture reading I finished Mosiah this week. My thought comes from Mosiah 21:15.  This is about how the lord continues to help us through the trials that we are facing in our lives. As we have faith and continue to push forward we will be blessed in ways that will help us grow and overcome our trials.

As for this week’s Photo: Spring has sprung… and it’s only February!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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