August 3, 2015


Well everybody, this week has been pretty crazy. A lot of things have been moving forward here. We had 2 of our investigators come to church and we had a lot of great lessons.

To cap off the week, Elder M and I are both being transferred to separate areas and are being replaced with Sister Missionaries. We are not too excited about it but it happens.

I now officially have 18 weeks left on my mission. I have no idea where the time has gone. I’m sad that I have to leave so many good friends here in this ward, but I’m sure that I’ll have more opportunities to make friends elsewhere. I’m definitely going to plan on visiting this ward again after my mission.

I’m going to be serving in the Rochester Ward with Elder B, who came out at the same time that I did. We know each other from previous areas and we are both excited to work with each other.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kody Kitchin



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