August 17, 2015


Hey everyone!

We had a lot of appointments cancel on us which we are used to and we did a lot of knocking this week. We also had a great thunderstorm which was pretty fun for us. We get a lot of rain but not a lot of thunderstorms. We decided to go knocking doors during the storm and the thunder never stopped so that was really cool. We met a lady that was really excited when we taught her about the restoration and wants us to visit again.

We walked up a mile long hill a house and the man there was named Thor. He couldn’t believe we walked all the way up the hill so he let us talk to him. He is a born again Christian but he didn’t know much about the bible. Most born again Christians don’t want to talk to us but this guy was so cool. He and his wife asked us about the trinity and we explained that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate personages. He told us that after he found out that Christ and Peter walked on water that he tried for a day to walk on water too.   Then he was nice enough to drive us back to our car which we were really thankful for.

We had a great Stake conference Sunday which was really good. The subject lately has been about marriage and family which is great but kind of hard on us missionaries as we are trying to focus on other things.

I felt prompted to visit a member family this week so we went to their home and the dad decided to spill his guts to us. He was having trouble with his work and was struggling with a drinking problem. He had us help him throw out all his booze as he decided to turn over a new leaf.

I made a fabulous chicken teriyaki with rice Friday night that was super delicious.

I hope you are all doing well!

Elder Kody Kitchin



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