November 30, 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I sure did. This last week was pretty slow as far as missionary work. With the holidays around people are busier than they have been so that makes it harder to find people to talk to.

All the action really happened this weekend. We were invited to 8 different Thanksgiving dinners of which we were only able to attend 6 (which was still too much). After Thanksgiving, we continued to still proselyte the rest of the weekend.

With Sunday the 29th being the 5th Sunday of the month, the ward counsel announced the ward mission plan for next year during the 3rd hour. We don’t know how well it was received by the ward just yet, but we have high hopes for it.

After church we were able to talk to C, our 10 year old UBC that we have been teaching for a while now. We showed her the baptismal font and found a white jump suite her size. As we were talking about it she mentioned how she hadn’t taken a bath in a few years and that she only took showers and was a little worried about getting in the font. This was the concern that we had been trying to uncover for the last 2 months. We were able to show her how she would be baptized which helped her not be so worried. It was a great experience, and now she’s excited about it.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kody Kitchin


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