December 7, 2015

This last week has been a true mixing pot of emotions. Up’s and down’s as my mission is coming to a close.
We had a baptism this weekend. It was awesome. It’s a wonderful tender mercy for Heavenly Father to allow me to participate in one more baptism before I go home. C was baptized and confirmed. You can see the light in her eyes. It’s beautiful. Plus it’s the first convert baptism that the Rochester ward has had in over a year, and it’s the first baptism I’ve been able to fully participate in this year also. I couldn’t have asked for anything better to go home with. Everything is falling into place here and it’s hard to think that life moves on past a mission.

My entire life I’ve been told “You’re going to go on a mission”. Well I’ve gone on a mission and nobody told me what happens after that, haha. But that’s okay. I already know what I need to do. Thank you all for joining me on this wonderful chapter of my life. It’s been a true pleasure. I hope to keep in touch with all of you. Until we meet again.

Elder Kody Kitchin


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